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BiGGDroo6DoGG's Thug Mansion

Who I am

Who I am
Folkkin' Linkks
Keep in Touch Fellow Folkk
Folkk pix
Folkk History
Ta my NiGGaz LokkeD Down
Jus' Folkkin

The BiGGDroo6DoGG yea I haD ta Do Dat

I GE Co$ BkiGG Droo6 DoGG from
No Love Immortals of No LOve City
59th n Halsted da BkiGGest DoGG of all
Reppin' fo da Folkks all across da world...

I Ge G stakkin G walkkin all day everyday
 7-4 till the world blows

GanGsta Disciple


You Gotta have understandin' of KKnowleDGe n Wisdom Ge fo you have Love, Life, Loyalty

Cuz it all comes in due tym ya Gotta earn ya spot in ya famz first Ge fo they let you take ya spot

FolKKin' and LoKKin'