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BiGGDroo6DoGG's Thug Mansion

Ta my NiGGaz LokkeD Down

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Ta my NiGGaz LokkeD Down
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To my niGGaz !m6er!a7kk -n- Hazy,
                Even Though I'm restricted from writin to ya'll niGGaz neva forGot bout ya'll I'm still hea, still reppin', still holdin it down. Without ya'll niGGaz I'd Ge lost, if it wasn't for ya'll I wouldn't Ge the GanGsta and the Gentleman that I am today.  Ya'll niGGaz show me what it's like to have fam, thats down fo whatever, I kno ya'll holdin it down, doin this bid ya'll doin rite now, can't wait til ya'll come home. Till then my niGGaz ya'll in my prayers everyday. Hopefully we'll Ge together again soon, and we'll run da streets again. Ge easy 7-4 till da world blowz, Blue waGGin red DraGGin all Day everyDay.

FolKKin' and LoKKin'